2024 5th International Conference on Computer Vision, Image and Deep Learning (CVIDL 2024)
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- Welcome to IPCA 2024 -

Websites: www.icipca.net            Conference Dates: April 19-21, 2024          Conference Venue: Zhuhai, China

Under the guidance of optical technology, the modern industrial system is constantly moving towards new heights. Modern optical technology plays a crucial role in image processing, providing critical technical support for image acquisition, transmission, and display. Whether it is high-definition imaging, remote sensing monitoring, or medical image diagnosis, it cannot be separated from the close integration of optical technology and computer applications. Therefore, this meeting will delve into the application of optical technology in image processing, as well as how to further improve the effectiveness and quality of image processing through computer technology. 

The International Conference on Image Processing and Computer Applications (IPCA 2024) will be held in Zhuhai, China from April 19th to 21st, 2024. We hope to provide a platform for participants to exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore cooperation through this conference, promote innovation and development in the field of image processing and computer applications, and jointly explore the latest research results, technological progress, and application prospects of image processing and computer applications.


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Image ProcessingTrack 2: Computer Applications

· Advanced Techniques in Image Enhancement

· Image Segmentation Methods

· Deep Learning Approaches in Image Processing

· 3D Image Reconstruction and Analysis

· Image and Video Compression Algorithms

· Medical Image Analysis and Processing

· Remote Sensing Image Processing

· Pattern Recognition in Image Processing

· Computer Vision and Image Understanding

· Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Imaging Techniques

· Real-Time Image Processing Applications

· Image Processing for Autonomous Vehicles

· Satellite Imagery Analysis

· Image Processing in Robotics

· Image Watermarking and Security

· Machine Learning and AI in Computer Applications

· Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics

· Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

· Cybersecurity Trends and Technologies

· Blockchain Technology Applications

· Human-Computer Interaction Advances

· Mobile Computing and App Development

· Data Mining and Database Management Systems

· Virtualization and Distributed Computing

· Quantum Computing Applications

· Software Engineering and Development Tools

· E-Commerce Technologies and Applications

· Social Media Analytics and Applications

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Websites: www.icipca.net