2023 4th International Conference on Computer Vision, Image and Deep Learning (CVIDL 2023)




Prof. Jinghui Zhong, IEEE Senior Member

South China University of Technology, China

Dr. Jinghui Zhong (Senior Member, IEEE) is currently a Professor with the School of Computer Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology. From 2013 to 2016, he worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research interests include evolutionary computation, machine learning, and agent-based modeling. He has published more than 80 academic papers in international journals and conferences, including more than 30 papers in IEEE/ACM Trans. journals. He has won the first prize of the Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education of China, and is the winner of eight International Algorithm Design Competition. Dr. Zhong is an Editor Board Member of the Memetic Computing.


Assoc. Prof. Ran Cheng, IEEE Senior Member

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, China

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS)

Ran Cheng, IEEE Senior Member, is currently employed as an associate professor and doctoral advisor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Southern University of Science and Technology. He used to be Research Fellow of Birmingham University, UK, and visiting scholar of Honda European Research Institute in Germany. Focusing on computational intelligence, he published more than 30 long articles in IEEE Transactions, cited more than 7500 times, and 13 papers were selected into ESI and highly cited. Won the IEEE Institute of Computing Intelligence Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award (2019), IEEE TEVC Outstanding Thesis Award (2018, 2021), IEEE CIM Outstanding Thesis Award (2020), etc; He was selected into the "Top 2% Scientists in the World (2020, 2021)", "Academic Influence List of Global Scholars (2022)", etc. He is currently the editorial board member of IEEE TEVC, IEEE TAI, IEEE TCDS, etc. We have carried out cooperation with COMAC, Huawei HiSilicon, State Grid, etc., and some of the achievements have been written in the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" research report on the development strategy of electrical science and engineering science.

Research Areas: Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Deep Learning

Achievements and Rewards: IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 2021; IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, 2020; IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) , 2019; IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 2018.


Assoc. Prof. Lingyu Liang, IEEE Member

South China University of Technology, China

Dr. Lingyu Liang is currently an Associate Professor with the School of Electronic and Information Engineering, and with the School of Future Technology, South China University of Technology. From 2016 to 2017, he has been as an honorary postdoctoral researcher with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has published over 30 scientific papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings, including TCYB, TNNLS, TMM, TAFFC, TCSVT, PR, CVPR, NeurIPS and IJCAI. He has been a principle investigator of 13 research projects, including National Natural Science Foundation of China, Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, CAAI-Huawei MindSpore Open Fund, SenseTime Research Fund for Young Scholars etc. His current research interests include image analysis and recognition (covering images of face, natural scene, document/text and architectural design) and machine learning (including analysis and application of GNN and PDE models)


Prof. Rubo Zhang

Dalian Minzu UniversityChina

Rubo Zhang, is a doctor, professor of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and doctoral supervisor of Harbin Engineering University. 1980-1984 studied at Harbin Institute of Ship Engineering, majoring in aircraft automatic control; 1984-1987 studied for a master's degree in aircraft navigation and control at Harbin Institute of Ship Engineering; From 1995 to 1999, he studied control theory and control engineering at Harbin Engineering University. In 2001, he was exceptionally promoted to professor. Since 2015, he has been a distinguished professor in the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Dalian Minzu University.